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Person-centred therapy is rooted in the belief that we all have an innate ability to flourish. Person-centred therapy seeks to make space for the individual to move towards growth and fullness of life. It is integral to acknowledge each individual's personal experience of the world and that each individual should feel able to freely express themselves without fear of being judged by their therapist. Change that is lasting can not be made for the client on behalf of the therapist, meaning that, in therapy it is the client who does the hardest work and makes progress together with the therapist.

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Trauma informed practice means that it is understood that past, current, systemic, and historical experiences of violence and trauma can effect individuals in a myriad of ways, and therefore all aspects of care must take this into account. The goal and purpose of a trauma informed system of care is to aid individuals in processing their trauma without re-traumatizing them. This is done by providing a safe and supportive environment, by giving people choice, and empowering them to use their voice to give them back control of their feelings, bodies, and actions. All of this is done with healing the body and mind together in order to promote wholeness.

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A foundational aspect of our well being is having support systems. We were not built to exist in isolation, and we thrive best when we have a diverse group of caring individuals around us to build us up, challenge us, and support us. A community based approach is one that recognizes that reaching our best self includes a multitude of environments, people, cultures, spaces, skills, and chances to learn and grow. Clients will be encouraged to make healthy connections outside of therapy, and will be emboldened to seek out places where they can relate to others and be enriched by the variety that exists in each of their unique communities.

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