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Individual sessions are held either in-person or online. All materials are included for those clients coming to in-person sessions, however clients working online will need to source their own materials. Sarah is happy to provide a list of basic art materials if clients are unsure where to start.


  • 30 minute individual therapy session $82.50 +GST

  • 30 minute parental support session $82.50 +GST

  • 60 minute individual therapy session $165 +GST

  • 90 minute individual therapy session $247.50 +GST

  • 90 minute conjoint/family therapy session $262.50

all materials are included



group sessions are generally designed to run for 1.5 - 2 hours per weekly session for a 6 to 8 week duration


a specific program can be developed around a certain topic or theme to suit your needs and goals


typically a group needs 6 people to run.

pricing per person, per session ranges from $60 - $70 depending on length and focus of group

a flat group rate can be offered for contract-based work, please contact for more info

visit the "Upcoming" page to see which groups or workshops are happening!

basic materials are included




Sarah is a registered Canadian art therapist (R-CAT) with the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA), and as such, Sarah is thrilled to be able to offer her services as a supervisor for art therapists.


Sarah's has years of experience in trauma-focused work, as well as a special area of focus with children, youth, and families, including separation/divorce, and domestic violence/intimate partner violence.


Art therapy supervision costs $100 per 60 minute session.


Oil Paint


a sliding scale is available for a certain number of clients, as well as charitable and non-profit organizations who are seeking to integrate art therapy into their current programs


accessing mental health services can be difficult for many individuals, please reach out if you have questions or would like to know more about my sliding scale

*Sarah's sliding scale is full at the moment, please reach out to be put on a waiting list if you would like to access sliding scale therapy pricing

Please contact with questions about pricing.

At Newland Art Therapy, I understand the constraints of budgets as well as the inaccessibility of quality mental health care services, and do not want to exclude those with limited resources. Whether you are a student, new to Canada, a single parent - whatever your situation - I welcome the conversation about pricing.

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